Radio-logical Survey

Paramount can plan and execute comprehensive radiological surveys for a wide range of clients including local councils, oil and gas operators and universities.


Radio logical Surveys


Remediation, refurbishment, and demolition action often requires the completion of environmental radiological surveys in order for your Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) to understand the condition of your land and the kind of work they need to carry out to make it safe. Depending on the condition of your land, your RPA may advise different action, making the accuracy and reliability of the initial survey crucial to a suitable and successful radiation protection plan.

Paramount can plan and execute comprehensive radiological surveys for a wide range of clients including local councils, oil and gas operators and universities. Whether the survey is for planning, remediation, refurbishment or decommissioning purposes Paramount provides a radiological survey package that can include;

  • Desktop planning of survey requirements
  • Initial surveys with provision reports including marked up plans of the site / facility or detailed contour plots
  • Provision of RPA and RWA services throughout the project
  • Post-remediation / post-decontamination surveys
  • Applications to the local regulator where necessary
  • Liaison with the regulators and local Councils around the world
  • Liaison with international regulators for transboundary movement of facilities
  • Provision of suitably trained and experiences Radiation Protection Supervisors

Radiological Defilement Surveys


Government directions require studies of open regions and ranges where radioactive materials are utilized to distinguish defilement and degree radiation levels. Routine studies are an critical portion of the by and large radiation security program in a research facility. Overviews give a coordinate degree of spilled radioactive fabric and can demonstrate the radiation danger of an explore. It is crucial that people working with radioactive materials are mindful of acknowledged methods for performing radiation studies. EH&S’s Radiation Security group conducts defilement studies in ranges where radioactive materials are utilized, counting capacity and squander offices, to distinguish defilement and control presentation to radioactive material. What you wish to know approximately surveys What may be a survey? A overview is an assessment of work regions, disobedient and device, floors, sinks, fixture handles, drawer fronts, doorknobs, phones, light switches, fridges and other surf

What is contamination?


There are two sorts of defilement, “removable” and “fixed.” Removable defilement can be wiped off a surface, like clean on a chunk of furniture. Detachable defilement can be found by wipe tests and, in a few circumstances, by utilize of a overview meter. In case defilement is display in huge sufficient amounts and is detachable, it may moreover be recognized with a study meter when a wipe from the surface is put close the probe. Fixed defilement has gotten to be bound by chemical or other implies to the surface upon which it was kept. This frame of defilement can as it were be recognized by a overview meter. Since it is settled to the surface, a wipe test will demonstrate no movement. A meter study may show whether expansive amounts are show on the surface.

How regularly must overviews be performed?


A working study meter ought to be inside reach at whatever point working with radioactivity other than tritium (H-3). People ought to study themselves and their work regions on an “as used” or day by day premise. We suggest simply conduct visit overviews of hands and other skin regions, lab coats and shoes amid and after utilize of radioactive fabric to recognize defilement, so exposures can be dodged. Archived wipe tests and meter overviews must be performed at slightest month to month, but may be required more frequently, depending on the radioisotope used.

Radioactive Contaminated Land Management


Aurora leads the market in providing health physics support to contaminated land management, and environmental radiological surveys of buildings prior to further radiation protection action. Our service commitments to you ensure that your reports are comprehensive and that you are kept informed of our findings at all times.

What study documentation is required?


All documentation of studies must incorporate the taking after information:

  • Date
  • Name of individual performing the survey
  • Room number and floor arrange map
  • Location number, showing on the outline where the wipe test or meter perusing was taken
  • Wipe test comes about counting background
  • Survey meter filter comes about counting background